5 Actors Who Could Replace Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man

With Spider-Man returning to the MCU, presumably by next year, more and more news is beginning to spread that Andrew Garfield will not be returning as Peter Parker. Although this was anticipated due to Marvel wanting to separate their take on the character with the past Sony incarnations and not create confusion for fans regarding why there is no Avengers Tower in the solo Amazing Spider-Man films or the OsCorp building in the Avengers, it’s still sad to see Garfield go. The actor managed to provide a wonderful performance as Peter Parker and was one of the few positive things in Marc Webb’s two movies, but at 31 years old, Marvel probably wants a young actor that can add some youth to the aging Avengers roster.

Here are 5 possible choices to replace Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man

5. Dylan Minnette

Age: 18

Dylan Minnette has been building up a nice resume for only being 18 years old. The actor has been on a ton of TV shows including Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. which gives him ties to Marvel already, and other hits like Scandal and Lost. Minnette has landed roles in recent big name movies like Prisoners, Let Me In and Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. He’s only 18 and seems to offer a nice range of acting talent that can be either comical or serious and would fit nicely with the high school Spidey dynamic.

4. Douglas Booth

Age: 22

Booth is a rising actor that has been building his filmography list nicely in the past five years. He received lots of notoriety for his portrayal of Romeo in 2013’s Romeo & Juliet. Since then, he has found roles in big films such as Noah and this year’s Jupiter Ascending. Booth is 22 and has a very defined face that, when shaved, gives him the ability to play a high school role, but add some scruff and he can easily pull off 30. I think with a shorter haircut he could easily fit the Peter Parker look and he could really show the progression of Peter’s growth from high school to college and beyond.

3. Dylan O’Brien

Age: 23

Despite not personally watching MTV’s Teen Wolf series, I have caught episodes here and there and enjoyed O’Brien’s character and performance. I’ve heard that the actor has really elevated the character in the most recent season and is quirky with great delivery on funny one liners. He recently saw his first major film role in 2014’s The Maze Runner which did well enough to already have a sequel that is coming out September 18, 2015. O’Brien definitely gives off a Peter Parker vibe similar to Andrew Garfield’s with his hairstyle and youthfulness, and if he can pull off a smart-ass attitude I think he could nail the role.

2. John Boyega

Age: 22

There are theories going around that to really diversify their new Spider-Man, Marvel might take the route of using the character of Miles Morales, The Ultimate Spider-Man. Although fans would love to see Donald Glover in the role that was somewhat based on the rapper/comedian, I think at this point he’s just to old (31). John Boyega, however, is a rising star that stood out during his performance in the lead role of Attack the Block back in 2011. Boyega has recently been cast in the upcoming Star Wars trilogy (which might create scheduling problems) as well and will hopefully deliver just as solid of a show. He definitely pulls off that 18-25 age range and could be a really great fit should Marvel choose to go down the Miles Morales route .

1. Logan Lerman

Age: 23

Logan Lerman easily has the most decorated resume on this list and has displayed how great of an actor he can be. He found roles in Gamers and the 3:10 to Yuma remake while landing the lead role for Percy Jackson & The Olympians, which received two movies. More recently Lerman has been an absolute standout with his performances in The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Fury. His performance in Fury is an amazing display of how war turns a scared boy into a man unafraid of death and I think that he could bring a fantastic element to Spider-Man with that as being a high school kid thrown into the Avengers.




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3 responses to “5 Actors Who Could Replace Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man

  1. Great list! I’d be interested in seeing any of those actors play Spider Man


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