Zoolander 2 Has Started Filming

Around a month or two ago there were rumors that Zoolander 2 was going to start filming soon; however, the information was still unclear and not officially confirmed because the only source was an Italian mayor announcing that they would be using the city.

It looks like it was all true and we will be getting Zoolander 2 in the near future because Owen Wilson was dressed in a full Hansel outfit strutting down the Valentino runway in Italy with Ben Stiller back as Zoolander as well.

Zoolander is a classic comedy, but it came out a decade ago back in 2001. Is it too late for these actors to be releasing a sequel? Many people want Zoolander 2, myself included, but I’m extremely scared it’s going to be along the lines of Dumb and Dumber To that is just an unfunny cash crab by the actors because they knew people would give it a chance. I have higher hopes for Z2 compared to other sequels that have come out recently but we’ll just have to wait and see.


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Full Daredevil Trailer Hits the Web

Marvel’s Daredevil is extremely close to releasing on Netflix and is exactly one month away from today. The full official trailer was released today to give a longer look at the show. There have been some teasers released over the past month but this two minute collection of clips really shows how awesome the show looks.

It’s clear that these Netflix shows are going to reveal a darker side of Marvel, especially with the announcement that Luke Cage will really be aimed towards an adult audience, but the new Daredevil trailer gives off a feel completely different from everything else Marvel has produced so far.

The cast that has been put together for this show is pretty fantastic and this full trailer only backs that up. The trailer has found a way to make me even more excited than I previously was about the show and April 10th really can’t get here faster.


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Marvel Not Attending SDCC

San Diego Comic Con is the place to announce and reveal anything relating to superheroes in any form, and in the past decade it has been the exclusive place to learn new info about all of the upcoming DC and Marvel films.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn announced today that the company wouldn’t be appearing at SDCC this year, which is a huge disappointment to fans. While it makes sense for Marvel to save all of their reveals for the D23 Disney expo later on in the year, Comic-Con has always been the place to go for all of the reveals.

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Luke Cage Will Be Aiming for an Adult Audience

Luke Cage is set up to be the third show released in the Marvel and Netflix Defenders plan behind Daredevil, which premieres in April, and Jessica Jones which could possibly hit the streaming service in the Fall.

All of these shows are going to be dark and pretty gritty with Netflix having less restrictions but apparently Luke Cage will really be aiming to please the adult market with something action packed and dark. Cage is a great character with a lot of good background and depth to him, so the show should be really fun and awesome to watch, especially if he’s knocking people around pretty ruthlessly with his power fists.

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FXX Renews Man Seeking Woman for Season 2

Freshman FXX show Man Seeking Woman starring Jay Baruchel has been off to a great start. The episode will release it’s eighth episode this week and the great news has been released that the show has officially been picked up for a second season.

Man Seeking Woman is easily my favorite new show so far in 2015 and I’m thrilled to hear that it’s doing well enough to already earn a second season without any doubts. I’m excited to see some more good episodes to close this first season and can’t wait to see what is in store for the future.

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The Community Season Six Trailer Has Arrived

Community Season 6 Trailer 2

Community was revived by Yahoo and is only two weeks away from the premiere of it’s sixth season. They have created a clever Age of Ultron esque trailer that looks like the new season will be awesome. It definitely is a shame that the original group is continuing to get smaller, but enough of the characters we love are still around and the show as a whole should still be able to hold its own. I’m just happy to see Community surviving and can’t wait for the new season which premieres on March 17th!


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Sigourney Weaver Will Be Playing a New Character in Avatar Sequels

It’s been a long time since the release of James Cameron’s Avatar, but there are still two sequels on the way. The follow ups to the 2009 Oscar nominated film are scheduled to film back to back and release in 2017, 18, and 19 if they do well and go according to plan. It feels like Avatar has become a real afterthought at this point so it will be interesting to see how much people want to see them.

The first film needed “appropriate technology” according to Cameron and received mixed feelings from a bunch of people. Sigourney Weaver announced that she will be returning but playing a completely new character that has yet to be announced. It seems like Cameron is finding more ways to complicate the Avatar universe even more but we won’t really know until these films are released.

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