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James Franco to Star in 11/22/63

Awhile ago news came out that J.J. Abrams had become attached to the Hulu project adapting Stephen King’s time travel story, 11/22/63 into a nine part series. The book was a bestseller back in 2011 and focuses on a high school teacher that goes back in time to stop the assassination of president at the time, John F. Kennedy.

The other day it was announced that James Franco would be starring in the series as the high school teacher, which is his first lead television role since Freaks and Geeks and General Hospital back in 1999. This should be a really fun show and with good writing and a solid performance from Franco, the show could even continue on for multiple seasons.


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Horns Has Arrived on Netflix

Last October Daniel Radcliffe’s Horns hit theaters for a wide release. The film is a drama, fantasy, horror focused around a young man whose girlfriend dies and he mysteriously starts turning into a devil like creature.

I thought the movie looked pretty fun and the fact that it’s based around a novel written by Stephen King’s son increased my interest as well. Sadly, I never had the time to get out to the theater and see the movie, but I don’t have to worry about it anymore because Horns has already been added to Netflix! Whether you want to re-watch the movie or check it out for the first time, now you can!

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