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Boyhood Getting a Sequel?

After a disappointing showing at the Academy Awards for Boyhood, there is some news coming out that director Richard Linklater is contemplating the possibility of making a sequel. Linklater is already working on his project titled That’s What I’m Talking About, which is a “spiritual sequel” to both Boyhood and Dazed and Confused; but the director has an idea about creating another film that would return us to the life of Mason to experience the character through his 20’s which are the years that really shape a person into who they become for life.

Linklater is always thinking up amazing ideas like Boyhood and knows how to depict time very well. The director says that the sequel would probably be more accelerated, and not shot over the course of ten years or so like the first one.

Part of me likes the idea of seeing what comes next for Mason; I really loved watching the character grow into an adult and definitely wouldn’t mind seeing how he experiences college and the real world afterwards; however, another part of me wants Boyhood to be left alone because it’s a wonderful tale as is and ends in a way that allows each viewer to decide on their own what happens to Mason. Either way, this is interesting news to hear from Linklater, so we’ll see if the idea ever turns into more than that.


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Oscars 2015: And Your Winners Are…

Oscars 2015

Tonight’s the night, everybody. The 87th Academy Awards are here. From the opening sketch to the announcement for Best Picture, Blaise and I will be here to live blog and live tweet (which you can follow here) the whole event. We’ll be updating this page all night as each winner is revealed, so make sure to come here to keep up with all the awards and comment to let us know what you think of this year’s Oscars! Continue reading

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Awesome Mix Podcast Episode 3 (Oscars Edition)

Chris and Blaise welcome the show’s first guest, Garrett Hopkins, for the Oscars Edition of the Awesome Mix Podcast! We’re releasing this a day earlier than normal so people can listen before the Academy Awards are on tomorrow, but this week we skip news and reviewing our weekly television shows to focus everything onto the awards. Listen in as we discuss a bunch of big categories and what we thought of the nominees as well as who we believe should win and who will actually take home the award.

Chris and I also sneak in a quick review (rant) about Hot Tub Time Machine 2, which we saw this past week.


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