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Fargo Season 2: Right From Wrong Looks Promising

Fargo was a big hit last year with an amazing first season that told a wonderful story that was similar but also different enough from the original Cohen Brothers movie with the same title. The show really worked in a short ten episode span and the cast took it to the next level.

The highly anticipated second season is approaching soon and is scheduled to return this September. The first teaser promo for the second season, titled “Right From Wrong,” has been released and looks pretty damn good. Despite being only a collage of quick clips from the season, it showed enough to have me much more excited for Fargo Season 2 than I previously was.

The first season of Fargo was very mystical in a way and felt like an old folktale thanks to Billy Bob Thornton’s Lorne Malvo. The show is focusing on a completely new plot each season with a brand new cast that should be just as good. The first promo already shows that this is going to be more of an eerie crime drama, and I believe it will be a lot of fun.

Check out the clip above and let us know what you think! It’s not much, but are you excited for Fargo to return?

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First Look: True Detective Season 2

True Detective was a massive hit for HBO last year and immediately was approved for a second season. It was announced that the second season would offer a completely new story with different characters and a fresh setting while still dealing with a supernatural and occult case. The second season is starring Rachel McAdams, Taylor Kitsch Kitsch, Colin Farrell, and Vince Vaughn.

The first pictures of the characters from season 2 have come out and really show how different this new True Detective season is going to be and it immediately looks urban based on the characters outfits compared to the middle of nowhere feel that the first season had.

Here are more pictures with the character descriptions for McAdams, Kitsch and Farrell.

Colin Farrell as Ray Velcoro, a compromised detective whose allegiances are torn between his masters in a corrupt police department and the mobster who owns him.

Rachel McAdams as Ani Bezzerides, a Ventura County Sheriff’s detective whose uncompromising ethics put her at odds with others and the system she serves.

Taylor Kitsch as Paul Woodrugh, a war veteran and motorcycle officer for the California Highway Patrol, running from a difficult past and the sudden glare of a scandal that never happened.

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