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Full Daredevil Trailer Hits the Web

Marvel’s Daredevil is extremely close to releasing on Netflix and is exactly one month away from today. The full official trailer was released today to give a longer look at the show. There have been some teasers released over the past month but this two minute collection of clips really shows how awesome the show looks.

It’s clear that these Netflix shows are going to reveal a darker side of Marvel, especially with the announcement that Luke Cage will really be aimed towards an adult audience, but the new Daredevil trailer gives off a feel completely different from everything else Marvel has produced so far.

The cast that has been put together for this show is pretty fantastic and this full trailer only backs that up. The trailer has found a way to make me even more excited than I previously was about the show and April 10th really can’t get here faster.


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Luke Cage Will Be Aiming for an Adult Audience

Luke Cage is set up to be the third show released in the Marvel and Netflix Defenders plan behind Daredevil, which premieres in April, and Jessica Jones which could possibly hit the streaming service in the Fall.

All of these shows are going to be dark and pretty gritty with Netflix having less restrictions but apparently Luke Cage will really be aiming to please the adult market with something action packed and dark. Cage is a great character with a lot of good background and depth to him, so the show should be really fun and awesome to watch, especially if he’s knocking people around pretty ruthlessly with his power fists.

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Awesome Mix Podcast Episode 1

It’s here! Episode 1 of the Awesome Mix Podcast has been completed and uploaded. Check it out and listen along as Chris and I discuss some news about the weekend movie box office numbers, Coach leaving New Girl, the Daredevil teaser trailer and more. We discuss the week’s episodes of Arrow, The Flash, Agent Carter as well as reviewing Jupiter Ascending a little bit. Everything we talk about includes spoilers so BEWARE; however, we included some time stamps below in case anyone isn’t caught up on these shows.

Otherwise, thanks for listening and get ready for next week!

38:35 Agent Carter

45:10 The Flash

51:00 Arrow

1:05:35 Jupiter Ascending Talk


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Netflix Wants to Make a Legend of Zelda Show

Netflix really knows what properties and stories would make amazing television stories. They have been on a rapid road to developing a continually rising amount of original shows that have, for the most part, been really good. Starting this April they have Marvel’s Daredevil kicking off the first individual series of The Defenders and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, which is created by Tina Fey. Now Netflix is targeting the rich stories of video games and is attempting to develop a live action series based around The Legend of Zelda.

Zelda is one of the most historic and best game franchises to ever be created and has a plethora of deep stories that could easily come together for a great television show. The show is still in the very, very early stages of development and seeking out a writer for the project and Netflix is working closely with Nintendo to make sure they please the company that created the game and holds it’s rights.

To see a live action Legend of Zelda show would be pretty fantastic if they an do it properly with great writing and a well put together cast. This project could die at any moment if either party involved feels like it is too much work, but lots of people would want to see this happen!


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The Full Daredevil Teaser Trailer

Yesterday we saw a quick short clip from the upcoming Marvel Netflix Daredevil series and now the full teaser has been posted and looks… AWESOME. I really can’t wait for this show to come out and there are still two whole months to wait for it… As mentioned yesterday, the show has this dark grittiness about it that gives off a completely different tone from what we see in the big screen Marvel movies and will definitely reveal a whole new side to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The only thing I had hoped for, which I’m not sure we will even get in this standalone season, is Matt Murdock eventually donning his traditional red suit; however it was nowhere to be found in the trailer and I could see them saving it for future seasons and The Defenders. 

Daredevil is premiering on Netflix all at once starting April 10th, 2015. Be sure to check it out!


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Marvel Releases Daredevil Teaser

Marvel and Netflix have released a short clip preview from the teaser trailer for their upcoming Daredevil series that is scheduled to released on April 10th. This quick clip shows Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) in costume with an audio overlay of him saying “I’m just trying to make my city a better place”.

I think this really sets the tone of the show well and displays just how dark it will actually be. While The Avengers and big heroes get to save the world, the Netflix shows will really highlight the people that take care of scum like the mob.

I can’t wait to see the full teaser, which is going to be released tomorrow, so make sure to check back here where it will be posted immediately.

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