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DC Announces Green Lantern Corps. Movie at San Diego Comic-Con

A lot of announcements were made at San Diego Comic-Con this past weekend, but probably one of the subtlest yet best came from DC with their announcement that the next solo Green-Lantern movie would be a Green Lantern Corps. movie.

Green Lantern is one of DC’s biggest heroes and it was a disaster when the 2011 movie featuring Ryan Reynolds crashed and burned. With the complete reboot of the DCMU in progress, Green Lantern is something that DC needs to get right; they have Batman, Superman, Woder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg, and The Flash all  cast, but no Hal Jordan. I think that this clearly shows DC and Warner Bros. are taking their time with the property to make sure it is the big hit it should be.

Green Lantern is a cool sci-fi property and having the movie be about the entire corps. could set it in space and have a similar feel to Guardians of the Galaxy. The Green Lantern canon is old and rich, filled with plenty of amazing characters and deep stories.

The coolest thing about this movie is that we are guaranteed to get more than one Green Lantern.

Left to Right: Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner Hal Jordan, John Stewart and Kilowog

Although Hal Jordan is the most known Lantern figure, there have been multiple characters that put on the ring. In the past, other fan favorite Green Lanterns have emerged aside Hal which gives a pretty good guess of who will show up in the movie.

Behind Hal, the second most popular Green Lantern is easily John Stewart. I think that there is no question Stewart is a part of the Corps. film. A lot of people were hoping that Arrow’s John Diggle would somehow become John Stewart Green Lantern, but it looks like the big screen will incorporate the character instead.

There is a chance that this first movie only features Hal and John, but if DC is smart, they will use the Green Lantern Corps. movie to cast two other big Lantern roles; Kyle Rayner and Guy Gardner. Rayner steps in after Jordan and Stewart but does a great job as well because he can overcome fear very easily and has a personality to match it.

Guy Gardner is a big fan favorite who gives off more of a greaser/punk vibe from his attire. Gardner had an abusive alcoholic dad and an overall rough upbringing and was one of the two people (the other being Hal Jordan) chosen by the ring of Abin Sur to become the next Green Lantern. Jordan got there first but later on Gardner becomes a Lantern as well.

These four characters are all staples in the DC comics universe and Warner Bros. has yet another chance to take golden material and bring it to life. Each of these Latnern characters are unique in their own way and all have great stories to be told. While I would still like the main focus to be on Hal Jordan, I think that quickly incorporating a Green Lantern Corps. motion picture opens up for tons of possibilities.

If DC and Warner Bros. can get this movie right, it might even set fans up to see one of the best DC stories around; “Blackest Night.”


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The Suicide Squad Trailer Looks…Interesting

With Comic-Con over we await all of the leaked Hall H footage that we know was being recorded despite the clear instructions to not do so. While there was never going to be a trailer for Star-Wars, plenty of the superhero films were debuting trailers and footage, which was plenty to get excited for. At this point, it looks like the X-Men: Apocalypse trailer has found its way to the web along with the Suicide Squad trailer. After some attempted crowd control, WB has accepted that they cannot stop  the leak and, while they are clearly frustrated about it, they have done the smart thing and released the trailer in high quality.

The DC movies got off to a rough start with Man of Steel, which many people went to see but walked away feeling disappointed. Now DC is moving forward with their full universe and plans to follow up Man of Steel with Batman v. Superman in March of 2016 and then Suicide Squad that following August. So the trailer for both of these movies is out, and both look very interesting, but Suicide Squad will be the bigger risk.

Although the film features some of the most popular DC villains, some casting decisions seem like a gamble, but here are my thoughts on the trailer.

I’m going to love Viola Davis as Amanda Waller because she has the personality and intimidation that the character needs to have. As for the rest of the cast, I’m not a huge fan of the Harley Quinn look; not that I wanted it to completely match the comic or cartoon version, but as many of people on the internet have pointed out, she looks like a Juggalo. Fans were given quite the scare when David Ayer released the photo of the Joker a little while back featuring tons of goofy tattoos that didn’t feel like they fit the character. I have to say, I’m very excited for Leto’s performance because he is a terrific actor who should be able to make the Joker his own. The style of the Joker doesn’t seem like the worse, but I don’t think his metallic teeth would be missed.

Aside from that, I think the movie looks pretty interesting. I love the dark style of it all and that DC is continuing to roll with their own style of superhero films. The costumes and makeup all look much more realistic and grounded compared to Marvel. Ayer is a great director, but I’m worried about the supporting cast; Will Smith is a lovable guy, but not the best actor. I think he will do well enough in this role and I absolutely love the Deadshot costume. Cara Delevingne has been getting lots of recent notice for this and Paper Towns, so there’s a chance for her to be very good as well. I think that it’s great to see Joel Kinnaman get a major role like this so it will be interesting to see how he performs in a major motion picture.

Suicide Squad has a lot of good ideas in its trailer, but the true test will be seeing whether or not they can properly execute the story. With the release of this and the Batman V. Superman trailer, I think I have an idea of how DC is planning out their universe (I’ll write about that later). There have been plenty of risks in the casting decisions, like Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, that won’t necessarily be bad but more of a coin flip.

The DC comic stories are just as good as Marvel, and while their is a monetary race between the two companies, fans don’t have to choose one over the other. I hope that DC is able to execute their movie universe as well as Marvel, because it could be just as amazing and only give viewers double the amount of comic based stories.

…oh yeah… I can’t stand Jai Courtney. Maybe he will surprise me… but I’m expecting Captain Boomerang to be a complete let down in this movie.

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‘Twas the Night Before Comic-Con…


‘Twas the Night Before Comic-Con, when all through the house

Blaise was not stirring, neither was the mouse,

His bags were packed and placed by the stairs,

In hopes that he would soon be up in the air;

Chris was nestled all snug in his bed,

While visions of Hall H panels danced in his head.

Chris in his Always Keep Fighting tee, and I in my Sinceriously tank; 

Had settled our brains for a week that would be dank. 


Year’s ago, when I first discovered my passion for movies, television and all things pop culture, I knew that I would have to go to San Diego Comic-Con at least once in my lifetime. While it always seemed like a pipe dream, tomorrow it will come true, as Chris and I head out bright and early to San Diego. Yes, we will be representing Awesome Mix Podcast as well as the other website we contribute to, TVOvermind.com, as press.

It still hasn’t fully kicked in that I’m headed to one of my dream destinations, and I’m sure that it won’t feel like reality until I step onto the plane tomorrow. SDCC  gets kicked off tomorrow night with the exclusive, “Preview Night,” that allows some of the guests to come experience the pilot episodes of the anticipated new Fall shows as well as the opportunity to check out the booths and everything they offer.

Throughout the week, Chris and I will be attending multiple TV related round tables for some of the most popular shows such as Archer, Outlander, iZombie, The 100, and more. All of the coverage will be audio translated into articles aside from The 100, which we will be conducting in-person video interviews with the cast and creators. We will also be attending plenty of panels as well as other popular events such as the Nerdist Podcast with guests Masie Williams, Tom Hiddleston and Guillermo Del Toro, Conan’s: “Not Your Grandma’s Bingo,” and a couple of NerdHQ events.

We plan on getting our content out as soon as possible when we return to the hotel room each night. This is something we’ve both been looking forward to for years and plan on making the most of it. I even plan on writing about my experience waiting for exclusives (if I get any). A lot of good stuff should come out of this week and we want to be timely and informative with it all.

This is really a dream come true for both of us, and we’re excited to document the entire journey.

Follow both of us on Twitter for live updates as we are experiencing everything, and even feel free to follow me on Snapchat where I will be adding tons to my story.






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Joe Manganiello Being Considered for Deathstroke in Suicide Squad

No… you’re not reading the title of this post wrong… Joe Manganiello is up for the role of Deathstroke in the Suicide Movie that is coming out next year. Deathstroke is a major part of the DC universe and it would be pretty great to see the character on screen as early as next year, but I’m not sure about this casting.

Manganiello has his moments, I guess, but really has seemed to be type cast as a buff guy in roles that never really have much depth. He’s popped up in roles over the years and most recent was in Magic Mike along with Channing Tatum which has a sequel coming out later this year.

Manganiello is fine when he’s in a supporting role, but Deathstroke is a major villain for DC that deserves proper representation. You have The Rock playing Black Adam, and I would have expected someone equally as popular for this role. It’s not officially confirmed that Manganiello will be playing Deathstroke, but according to sources it’s his role to lose. Jason Clarke (Zero Dark Thirty, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes) is also being considered for the role, and personally, I would love to see his take on the character because I think he is a better and more versatile actor than Manganiello.

Manu Bennett has been phenomenal in the Slade Wilson role on the CW’s Arrow, which leaves big shoes for the movie version of the character to fill. With most fans being frustrated at DC’s failure to combine their TV and movie universes like Marvel, all eyes will be on the actor with high demands.

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Viola Davis to Play Amanda Waller

It’s been rumored for awhile now that Viola Davis was set to play Amanda Waller in the Suicide Squad movie due out next year. At the Academy Awards last weekend Davis officially confirmed that she will be playing Waller in the movie and lead these villains together.

This is a good casting; Viola Davis is a great actress and she can pull off a really nice mean side. Although I’ve only caught clips of her recent show, How to Get Away With Murder, she seems pretty dark in that show which will transition perfect to the character of Waller. The Suicide Squad movie seems to be coming together pretty nicely and with this great cast it would be a shame to see it flop.

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5 Ways Arrow Season 3 Could End

Arrow season 3 has been one of the best yet, showing just how consistently the show can continue to improve and build off of itself. The third season has been the darkest yet, and as it is coming to a close, it seems like things are only going to get darker. With the looming threat of Ra’s Ah-Ghul looking like he will play a much bigger role in next week’s episode and the finale, there are many different ways that things could play out. Here are some theories of how I believe this season could end. Beware of spoilers for anyone that is either not caught up or doesn’t want to know any info relating to other sources.

5. Felicity Becomes Oracle

Information has been coming out left and right giving some hints about the future of characters. While nothing is official or even gives strong hints to character outcomes, there are plenty of theories to go off of. Felicity is a great character that all of the cast care about. She’s their over-watching genius that is making sure things go smoothly behind the scenes. In the past couple of weeks it has been discovered that a future scene has Felicity in the hospital. It was also announced that Charlotte Ross would be returning as Donna Smoak in episode 18 of the third season, which is being called a major series altering episode. Combining these snippets of information with the line that Slade dropped in last week’s episode about Oliver losing everyone he loves with a specific hint that Felicity would be next, it’s possible we see her get very hurt and put in the hospital which is why her mother would immediately come back. If she is hurt bad enough to become paralyzed, this could mean that the show is going to fully convert her into the Oracle character. She essentially already is “Oracle” so to speak but it could add a dark angle to the show and give her character something to struggle with and overcome.

4. Roy Loses His Arm

A major plot point for Roy Harper in the comics an cartoons is him losing his arrow shooting arm at some point. It gets replaced with a robotic arm and he is able to continue being a hero, but this would be a pretty interesting turn for the series to take. Oliver has been putting a lot of trust in Roy and his skills this season, so much that he is fine leaving the city knowing Roy is there to step up in a major way. With Ra’s and the League coming more into play, Roy could be in over his head skill-wise. Ra’s is a brutal guy that isn’t afraid to teach someone like Oliver a lesson in an evil way. Colton Haynes claims that there are no plans to pursue this plot, but that it could come into play in the future. He could easily be lying, and this would be a pretty dark and extreme end to the season that, like the Felicity theory, could add a new struggle for his character going forward while also completely altering Oliver’s mindset as well.

3. Thea Kills Malcolm

Thea has been an awesome character this season because she is finally doing something productive. We’ve seen just how good of a fighter she is and that she can hold her own with people like Oliver and Malcolm. Over the past couple of weeks she has been growing apart from Malcolm in realizing his true personality, but last week pushed things over the edge when Thea discovered he drugged and manipulated her to kill Sara. I think that it’s inevitable that she will kill Malcolm at some point, and it could easily be by season’s end. When she discovers more about how Ra’s is truly after Malcolm more than anyone else, it would make a lot of sense that she sees the simple solution and kills him to protect everyone else and the city. When sparring with Malcolm a few episodes ago, Thea seems to have won their duel but Malcolm knocks her down saying she hesitated to finish him. Looking back on that scene, combined with her new found rage towards her father, I believe Malcolm wouldn’t ever expect her to have the guts to kill him, especially with Oliver claiming she’s not a killer; however, in the midst of the mass chaos caused by Malcolm in the first place, I could easily see her finishing things.

2. Roy “Red Arrow” Harper Dies

Roy is probably one of my favorite characters on Arrow. I really love Colton Haynes’ performance and have really enjoyed watching his character grow from a bad kid from the Glades into a noble hero. Arrow is getting really crowded; the team now includes Oliver, Diggle, Felicity, Roy, Laurel, Ray, and now Thea. Recently, Oliver has been conveniently calling Thea by her nickname, “Speedy,” and it is extremely likely that she will become another sidekick who goes by that title. Depending on how this season plays out, the show could deliver a really sad ending with Roy dying just as he was rekindling his romance with Thea and establishing himself as a hero who can hold his own. I really don’t want this to happen, but it definitely wouldn’t surprise me.

1. Detective Lance Dies

Arrow has shown in the past two seasons that they end each season with someone dying. While there is a chance it could be Roy, I think there is a better chance that we see Detective Lance die instead. Lance is a great character, and I would also hate to see him go, but I think he is the most expendable character right now. The information that has been revealed seems to show that in the aftermath of Sara’s death Lance is once again against the idea of the Arrow and vigilantes in the city. The season seems like it will end with a big battle between the League and Team Arrow in Starling, and Lance, being at the top of the police force, will find himself in the middle of it all. The police force are a pretty irrelevant part of the show with him being the only link to the police and Team Arrow being the law of the city. There’s not much use for Lance aside from him being a normal grounded character. I’d hate to see him go, but would love to watch Laurel deal with her father and sister dying this season and testing how strong she really has become.

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First Look at Jason Momoa as Aquaman

DC has been trying to play major catch up with Marvel in regards to a cinematic universe. Despite only having one film out so far, the company has been doing a great job of putting everything into motion and making tons of big casting  reveals. Although some casting choices have seemed questionable at best, a lot of them are very exciting, especially Jason Momoa as Aquaman.

It was pretty exciting when they first announced the actor who was Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones would be playing the king of the ocean, and now the first picture is here. Personally, I think Momoa looks amazing and this is a smart and cool take on the character. Aquaman is normally seen with bright green and orange colors while being a white male with blonde  hair. Momoa brings a modern rugged look to the character that is way more badass. He really makes Aquaman look like someone you don’t want to mess with and like a true ruler of the entire ocean.

Unite the Seven is probably referring to the seven seas because he is literally the king of all the ocean. It could have some tie to the Justice League if there are going to be seven members, but I would guess this has to do with the solo film. This picture definitely has me interested and excited for Momoa’s Aquaman debut, which sadly won’t be until 2018.

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