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Dr. Doom, is That You?

The first full image of Doom from the upcoming Fantastic Four movie has come out thanks to a new trailer t hat blends old and new footage. It’s definitely….umm… interesting, to say the least.

Victor Von Doom is a beloved character by many comic readers, and it seems like the new Fantastic Four film will once again miss the mark with the physical look of the character. In the old F4 movies, Doom physically looked closer to the comics version with a deformed face and metal mask. I think that the costume of the old Doom was pretty boring and could have been much cooler. However, when seeing the recently released photo of what the new movie’s Dr. Doom will look like, it has me worried.


I’ve actually been quite excited for the reboot of Fantastic Four; I’m a big fan of Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan and Kate Mara.  Jamie Bell wouldn’t be my first choice for The Thing, but I can’t say anything super negative about his casting.

All of that was good, I liked what I was seeing from the trailers for this movie and actually felt good about it’s release and that someone might have finally gotten Fantastic Four right. Yet, this new Doom photo has me somewhat worried once more.

There have been multiple designs of Doom throughout the years, and it seems like 20th Century Fox has chosen to model their reboot version off of the Ultimate Universe version. That version of Doom, as you can see to the left, had a completely altered body like the picture above.

The new movie version would definitely not be my first choice because I think it just looks too modern. I would love to see the traditional version of Doom, but if this can logically fit for the new film, I won’t hate it.

I’m a fan of Toby Kebbell from Rock N’ Rolla and Black Mirror so I’m hoping this can be another successful role for him. If his performance is good enough, it will make it easier to get over the look if you aren’t a fan.

The new Fantastic Four movie is set to release on August 7th of this year. I don’t have high expectations for this movie, but I’m hoping it can at least manage to be above average. The cast is solid, Trank is a solid director that will hopefully be able to transition what he did with Chronicle to t his.


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Felicity Jones Cast as Lead in Star-Wars Standalone Project

Felicity Jones


News has come out that Oscar-nominated actress Felicity Jones (for her performance in The Theory of Everything) has officially been attached as the lead in one of Disney’s future Star-Wars standalone films that is being directed by Gareth Edwards (Godzilla). 

Nothing is known about the project aside from Edwards is directing with Chris Weitz writing the script and now Jones starring. Jones was apparently chosen from a decent sized group of actresses that auditioned including Rooney Mara (Girls with the Dragon Tattoo) and Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black).

The current speculation is that this solo film will be focused on Princess Leia in her early days while the other standalone motion picture by Josh Trank (Chronicle) will do the same but with Han Solo.

Hopefully more information will start to come out about these two films soon with this first mystery Star-Wars project planned for a December 16, 2016 release.

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