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Chris Pratt is the Frontrunner to Play Indiana Jones

The rumor mill has been swirling around Indiana Jones for awhile now wondering what would happen to the franchise. Disney currently has full control over the movie series which came in their deal with Paramount. The company announced there were plans to reboot the classic franchise sometime in the future with a new actor taking up the role of Indy rather than continuing the series with Indiana’s son like the painful fourth movie tried to (I know you’re asking what fourth movie? It doesn’t exist.).

New information has been coming out the past couple of weeks that Hollywood’s hottest actor, Chris Pratt, was the fan favorite to take up the roll and now it’s beginning to look like a reality as Stephen Spielberg himself has come out and endorsed Pratt for the role. The actor broke out on Parks & Recreation (which sadly ends tomorrow) and has recently broken into the movie world with 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy and the upcoming Jurassic World.

Everyone loves Chris Pratt, and he’s a super fun person and actor. As much as everyone would love to see Harrison Ford jump into the role again, he’s just becoming too old and they need someone fresh. Pratt, in my opinion, would be perfect, because he brings a certain charisma and energy to every role he takes. He’s got the dashing adventurer personality and look down already but he can also be sarcastic and fun. I would love to see him jump into another huge franchise like this and think he could do Harrison proud in a reboot.

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