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Spider-Man will be Similar to a John Hughes Movie


Everyone is extremely excited to see Spider-Man finally coming back home and joining the MCU. News continues to pour out about the character and his solo film; we know that Spidey will make his first official appearance in next years, Captain America: Civil War and young 19 year old actor, Tom Holland, will be portraying the character.

Some interesting information has now released that provides some very minor details about the solo Spider-Man film that is scheduled for a 2017 release. During interviews at a screening for Ant-Man, Kevin Feige said that Spider-Man’s solo film would be comparable to a John Hughes coming of age film. Hughes created some of the 80’s best films in classics such as Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Home Alone, The Breakfast Club, as well as tons more.

Personally, I think this is a good thing to hear. A large part of Spider-Man as a character is watching him grow into adulthood while having to manage being a hero on top of it. Marvel is making a smart decision to have this movie not be a complete origin story but I really am glad to see how much emphasis they want to put on the character to really build him.

Marvel is really nailing their characters and crafting the movies around that, which makes them feel unique and less generic for “just the superhero movie for this year.” I think that Spider-Man will be a huge hit because while he is one of the most universally loved characters, there is a rich background of story-telling if done right. Civil War will be a huge way to introduce the character because in the comics, this is a situation that really defines who Peter is as a person.

I’m really looking forward to Spider-Man and think that it will be a huge success. I really like Tom Holland for Peter and think that Marvel’s input will finally give us a stable and proper representation of Spider-Man on the big screen.


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5 Actors Who Could Play Norman Osborn A.K.A. The Green Goblin

Yesterday we put together a list of 5 actors that could replace Andrew Garfield as the MCU’s Spider-Man. Today, we are going to continue that idea by throwing together a list of actors that could easily fit the villain role of Norman Osborn a.k.a. The Green Goblin. The Green Goblin is Spider-Man’s biggest rival and arch-enemy who is always pushing the web slinger to his limits. With a reboot in store, and Marvel’s Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal producing the 2017 standalone Spider-Man film, this villain will hopefully meet his full potential.

Sam Raimi’s trilogy had Willem Dafoe, who was awesome, but only lasted a single film because the series was more focused on showing Harry Osborn taking up the mantle. Marc Webb avoided having Norman be the Goblin all together and, again, moved right into Dane Dehaan’s Harry as the villain. There’s definitely a better dramatic dynamic when Peter has to face off against his best friend turned bad, but Norman is the true Goblin king, and hopefully we get to see a longer lasting version of him this time around.

In the meantime, here are five awesome actors that could probably pull off some amazing Norman Osborn performances.

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Logan Lerman and Dylan O’Brien are Top Choices for Spider-Man


Yesterday, we released an article about 5 actors we could see replacing Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man, and today, news has begun to spread around that two choices from that list are already in the driver seat and one step closer to landing the role.

The two candidates up for the role are Teen Wolf’s Dylan O’Brien and Fury star Logan Lerman. O’Brien has been on quite the hot streak through his breakout role on Teen Wolf and starring in the young adult movie The Maze Runner last year with the sequel due out this year while Lerman was actually in consideration for the Amazing Spider-Man movie but they went with Garfield instead.

Personally, I’d like to see Dylan O’Brien get the role because I think he has the look and a more natural funny and sarcastic personality that is perfect for Spider-Man. That’s the main reason everyone is so sad to see Garfield go, but I believe O’Brien could heal the wounds and nail the role.

Hopefully more news will come out soon and one of the two will be chosen for the role!

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5 Actors Who Could Replace Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man

With Spider-Man returning to the MCU, presumably by next year, more and more news is beginning to spread that Andrew Garfield will not be returning as Peter Parker. Although this was anticipated due to Marvel wanting to separate their take on the character with the past Sony incarnations and not create confusion for fans regarding why there is no Avengers Tower in the solo Amazing Spider-Man films or the OsCorp building in the Avengers, it’s still sad to see Garfield go. The actor managed to provide a wonderful performance as Peter Parker and was one of the few positive things in Marc Webb’s two movies, but at 31 years old, Marvel probably wants a young actor that can add some youth to the aging Avengers roster.

Here are 5 possible choices to replace Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man

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Spider-Man is Joining the MCU

As most have heard by now Spider-Man is finally going to join the MCU and will be sharing the screen with Iron Man, Thor and the rest of his Avengers teammates.


We can all take a huge sigh of relief and thank the Sony hack that happened back around the release of The Interview because one piece of information that came out of there was that Marvel and Sony had briefly had talks about the web slinger finding his way into the MCU with Sony turning the idea down, which caused insane fan frustration.

Now a deal has officially been worked out that will have Spider-Man’s next on screen appearance be through a Marvel film in the MCU and afterwards Sony will work on and release more solo Spider-Man films. Sony Pictures will still finance, distribute, own and have final creative control over the character, but Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal will co-produce the individual Spidey films to make sure they are well done and fall in with the tone and quality of the other Marvel films.

The first Spider-Man film is already locked in for a July 28, 2017 release and Marvel has even pushed the release dates of their scheduled Black Panther and Inhumans films back to 2018 and 2019 to clear the way and put more attention on Spider-Man. The solo Spidey film will be paired up with Thor:Ragnarok, which is planned for a November 3, 2017 release and continues the two Marvel movies a year plan going.

There’s been no word yet on how the character will make his MCU debut, but many would assume Peter pops up in Captain America:Civil War that is coming out next year. Spider-Man is a huge part of the original Civil War comic story and it would be a dream come true for fans to see Spidey in this role on screen. If this plan has been in the works for awhile, there is a very minimal chance that the post credits scene for Avengers: Age of Ultron will feature Parker and surprise fans with an instant tease; however, the actor (assuming Andrew Garfield is being replaced) would have already needed to have been selected and shot scenes with the movie releasing in only a couple of months.

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