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First Trailer for Steve Jobs

In 2013, a Steve Jobs movie was released called Jobs that many people didn’t like too much. It starred Ashton Kutcher as Steve, and while the actor looked exactly like a young Steve Jobs, his voice and skills couldn’t nail the performance.

Fortunately, another Steve Jobs movie has been on the rise with Aaron Sorkin writing and Danny Boyle directing. After losing Christian Bale for Steve Jobs, they replaced him with the just as amazing Michael Fassbender. Starring along side of Fassbender will be Seth Rogen as Steve Wozniak.

The first trailer for Steve Jobs has officially released and has Jobs already gone from my brain. I am extremely excited for this because Fassbender’s performance looks pretty damn amazing. I like that the trailer seems to show that the movie will recount the events of Apple while also displaying who Jobs was as a person. I think that the movie should offer a better look at the story of one of the greatest minds when it releases on October 9th this year.

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Neighbors 2 is Coming in 2016

After a shockingly surprising success in the box office with a total of $269 million in the worldwide market, Neighbors will be getting a sequel. The movie received great ratings and drew in a huge crowd that loved watching Seth Rogen and Zac Efron on screen together.

Both Efron and Rogen will be returning along with Rose Byrne and director Nicholas Stoller will be back again as well. The movie’s plot is definitely a mystery but has to revolve around more of the same with hopes that it can live up to the audience love for the first one. While this could completely destroy the single success they discovered in the hidden gem, it will definitely draw people out to the theater in what will hopefully be another massive payday.

Right now, Paramount has Neighbors scheduled for a May 13, 2016 release date which will have some stiff competition and have to compete with Disney and Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War.

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